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SUBMERGING is an entirely volunteer run exhibition, created to showcase the work of QTIBIPoC (queer/trans/intersex black and indigenous people of color) visual artists and performers while fundraising to support QTIBIPoC centered local political/justice projects. This year SUBMERGING is fundraising for F2L, an NYC based project fighting prison and police violence. We've teamed up with F2L to create a summer fundraising campaign, Freedom To Live, with a $10,000 goal!

About F2L

F2L is a New York City based project working to support queer and trans people of color in New York State whose lives are impacted by the prison-industrial complex. F2L is a volunteer run project primarily made up of queer and trans people of color in NYC that provides jail, court, media and housing aid to individuals targeted by the prison system, as well as to the communities who are supporting their cases.

The United States incarcerates more of its population than any other country on earth-this cycle of incarceration specifically affects Black people, Indigenous people, and communities of color. Within those communities we see disproportionate rates of incarceration for LGBTQGNCTSI people, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people with disabilities. Nearly 8 percent of all individuals in state and federal prisons identify as LGBTQ, and 1 out of 5 trans women will spend some portion of their lives locked up.1 A recent report by Black & Pink found that 85% of its LGBTQ respondents have been in solitary confinement and approximately half have spent or more years there.2 People of color were twice as likely to be put in solitary confinement. In addition, respondents were 6 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than the general prison population.

These statistics are only a glimpse into the daily lived violence faced by queer and trans communities of color. F2L's goal is to directly support impacted individuals while envisioning an end to police and prison violence through fundraising, advocacy and organizing. F2L is an entirely volunteer run project-every dollar raised during this exhibition goes directly into F2L's current advocacy work!


1. Unjust: How the Broken Criminal Justice System Fails People of Color from MAP & CAP (Movement Advancement Project and Center for American Progress)

2. Coming Out of Concrete Closets: A Report On Black & Pink's National LGBTQ Prisoner Survey


SUBMERGING was curated by Vanessa Leiva Santos, Rio Sofia and Óscar Moisés Diaz and organized by Anamika Singh, Joey Cannizzaro, L Ectricity, Sarah Schmitt, Christian Noelle, Anna Vila, Jon Cuba, and Iltimas Doha with major help from Harrison Cullen, Ashley Teamer, Mitchyll Mora, Reina De Aztlan, Stamatina Gregory, Mike Essl, Chris Chamberlain, Elena K. Holy, Christian De Gré, Iva Topolovec and Wendy Cohen.

SUBMERGING would not be possible without the generous support from FringeNYC and Cooper Union. Thank you!