41 Cooper Square has 3 elevators which go from the first floor to LL1, where the gallery is located. The entrance is on the northwest corner of the building. There is a revolving door and two large swinging doors. The swinging doors are often locked, but sometimes can be pulled open. The guard at the front desk can open the doors automatically, knock or send someone in to get their attention. There is a button on the outside which does not normally work.

The floor is polished concrete with some smooth unevenness. The stairs leading down to LL1 are improperly spaced at approximately one and one half steps. The stairs are smooth with a strip of friction tape at the end of each stair. There are degendered bathrooms on both the first floor and LL1. There is one ADA accessible bathroom on the first floor, and 2 on LL1. Seats in the gallery will be available during performances and readings. If seats are not available, additional ones can be requested from a gallery volunteer. The building is cooled through a central air system. It often feels cold during the summer. While we suggest that visitors avoid wearing scents, this is not a scent free zone. The gallery watcher's phone number will be left at the guard's desk to deal with issues with guards.

There is construction surrounding 41 Cooper Sq. The crosswalk to the west of the building is unpaved currently and rough with poorly maintained ramps to the lowered roads.

The M101, M102, and M103 buses stop on either side of Bowery. Southbound buses stop across the street from the entrance. Northbound buses stop down the block from the entrance.

The Broadway-Lafayette stop is 1 EW block, and 7 NS blocks from 41 Cooper Square. It has an elevator. The 6, J, and M train stop there. The sidewalk along the west side of Bowery St is newly paved.

Union Square is 2 EW blocks, and 7 NS blocks from 41 Cooper Square. It has an elevator. The 4, 5, 6, N, Q, R, and L train stop there. 4th Ave and Broadway provide more direct routes to Cooper Union. There is construction at Astor Place (8th st and 4th Ave). There is construction down 3rd ave at 9th street to 7th street.

Astor place is 12 EW block and 1 NS block from the entrance. The 6 train stops there. There is one flight of stairs.

8th St NYU is 1 EW block and 1 NS block from the entrance. The N and R trains stop there. There is one flight of stairs.

For more accessibility info email L Ectricity at